2019-2020 Divine Liturgies in Omaha and Lincoln, NE


Our next liturgical Typika service is scheduled at  4 PM on September 12 at St. Gerald Chapel in Ralston, NE. We will be following the guidelines established by the Eparchy of Parma for a liturgical service during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The celebrant will wear a mask when incensing the church and distributing communion.
People attending the liturgical service must wear a mask and follow social distancing rules when inside the chapel.
Do not form a line for holy communion. You should go up individually for communion and remove your mask just before receiving communion.
Holy communion will be distributed by individual spoons for each communicant After a liturgy the spoons will be washed and then boiled for 15 minutes in order to kill any COVID-19 virus. 
 We have the books “Typika without a priest” but cannot distribute them. An abbreviated copy of this book can be accessed by the following link.
The church will be cleaned before and after each liturgical service.
We do not have any plans when Divine Liturgy will resume. We will send out an e-mail announcing this in the future.
We are investigating the feasibility of streaming a live video of our liturgical services. You can continue to go to https://parma.org/live to see liturgies streamed live. The following schedule is used (this is in the Eastern time zone) for liturgies that are broadcast from the cathedral in Parma, Ohio.
Monday - Friday:
7:30AM Matins
8AM Divine Liturgy
5PM Vespers
7:30AM Matins
8:00AM Slavonic Divine Liturgy
4PM Great Vespers
5PM Divine Liturgy
8AM Matins
9:30AM Divine Liturgy
11AM Divine Liturgy
3PM Vespers
You can view the Divine Liturgy online from St. John the Baptist Byzantine Cathedral on Sundays at 11 AM Eastern time, 10 AM Central time by going to the following link:
All Liturgies at St. Gerald's Chapel start at 5 PM.

Omaha Liturgies take place at:

St. Gerald's Lakeview Chapel

7857 Lakeview St.

Ralston, NE 68127

Lincoln Liturgies are at:

St. George Ukrainian-Byzantine Catholic Church

3330 N 13th St.

Lincoln, NE 68521

A potluck dinner is held after the  Divine Liturgy in Lincoln at St. George Ukrainian-Byzantine Catholic Church.

If you wish to bring a dish to the potluck dinner after the Divine Liturgy in Lincoln, please notify Rita Anderson. Her e-mail is rita_anderson1618@yahoo.com

We do not have any plans when we will resume liturgies at St. George Ukainian-Byzantine Catholic Church in Lincoln.

Join us for worship that is extravagant in beauty. Join a community that lives and shares this beauty with others. Join a mission of unity that is evangelistic in spirit.

Email wmihalo@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding these Divine Liturgies.

Divine Liturgies

"Sanctify those who love the beauty of Your house..."

- Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

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